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Press Room Blog Interview with Marc Schulman

MultiEducator, Inc./ 180 E Prospect Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543/914-235-4340/multied@multied.com

MultiEducator is a leading provider of quality professional and educational applications for iPhones and iPads. From educators to school children, college students and history lovers all enjoy MultiEducator’s History apps and eBooks for their rich presentation of topics in American and World history (e.g. Explorers of the Americas, 13 colonies, Revolutionary war, New Nation, Antebellum America, Civil War, Presidents, American Presidential Elections, and JFK: History Maker, to name a few.) For engineers and small business owners, MultiEducator’s Formulator Line places knowledge and specialized solutions in the palm of your hand. Formulator tools are available to improve work productivity, effectiveness and ease to produce for a wide students and professionals, including: Architects, Building Engineers, Building Managers, Carpenters, Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, HVAC managers, Hydraulogists, Hydrologists, Mechanical Engineers, Plumbers, Real Estate Agents, Waste Management Engineers, and more. Multieducator’s Newest Product is Quotes and Billing an iOS app designed to let the professional in the field give on the spot price quotes, take orders and even manage their inventory. MultiEducator’s longstanding, expansive and expanding website, historycentral.com, has been a popular history learning and reference resource since 1995. The historycentral staff has taken lengths to chronicle events in history, both big and small, to give users the most comprehensive chronicle of the how people and their times transformed outcomes and molded the world we live in today.