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CIVIL ENGINEER, part of MultiEducator's iPhone "Formulator" Line, is the perfect tool for any Civil Engineer or engineering student. Our Civil Engineer app contains 300 important formulas needed by Civil Engineers. Civil Engineer will grow to over 400 formulas, for Civil Engineering, there are nearly 400 conversion formulas in the program as well as 50 area formulas. Major areas covered in the program now include: Beams, Bridges, Columns, Elevator, Piles, Plates, Roads, Soil and Structural Steel

All formulas can be saved. You can access recent or favorite formulas. You can also e-mail the results of any formula. If you do not see a formula you need or like, just e-mail us and we will try to include your request in the next update.

Some of the Formulas:

Beam Loads Single Span Uniforms
Supports Free Vmax
Supports Free Mmax
One Free One Fixed Vmax
One Free One Fixed Mmax
Supports Fixed Vmax
Cantilever Vmax
Cantilever Mmax
Uniform Load Two Spans
Center Fixed Outer Free Vmax
Center Fixed Outer Free Mmax
Two Spans All Free Vmax
2 Center Fixed Outer Free Dmmax
Uniform Load Tree Spans
3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax
3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax
3 Fixed Vmax
3 Fixed Dmmax
Uniform Load Four Spans
4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax
4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax
4 Fixed Vmax
4 Fix Dmmax


Allowable Stress Fasteners
Bridge Horizontal Shear
Horizontal Shear
Suspension Cables Tension at Mid-Span
Tension at Supports
Length of Cable
Critical Buckling Load
Radius Gyrations
Slenderness Ratio
Maximum Stress Short Columns Different Materials
Elevator Rope Weight
Load From Weight
Rate of Acceleration of Car
Rope Load Caused by Acceleration
Bending Load
Allowable Load on Piles
Drop Hammer
Steam Hammer
Pile Length
Tip Load
Group Efficiency of Piles
Maximum Group Drag
Square Plate Stress
Square Plate Max
Rigid Square Plate Stress
Rigid Square Plate Max
Flexible Circular Plate Stress
Flexible Circular Max
Rigid Circular Plate Strss
Rigid Circular Max
Flexible Rectangle Stress
Flexible Rectangle Max
Rigid Rectangle Stress
Rigid Rectangle Max

Stuctural Number
Spiral Curve Minimal
Culvert Seam Strength
Handling Strength
Circular Curves
Radius of Curves
Length of Curve
Central Angle
Tangent Offset
Chord Offset
Parabolic Curves
Rate of Changes
Elevation of PVC
Distance From PVC

Structural Steel
Maximum Bending Moment
Vertical Shear
Horizontal Shear
Bending Moment Load

In addition there are over 400 conversion formulas which you see here.

FORMULATOR provides an easy way to quickly find what you need, you can search, mark formulas as favorites, or access recently used formulas.

CIVIL ENGINEER FORMULATOR is the first version of a dynamic program, planned to develop and evolve. It was not our intent to include every possible Civil Engineering formula in this program version. Additional formulas will be added over time. If there is a formula you would like us to add, please contact us and we will do our best to add that formula.

If you have ideas for any additional formulas, or if you have any questions, just e-mail us

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