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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer, part of MultiEducator's "Formulator" Line, is the perfect tool for any Mechanical Engineer or engineering student. Available for both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, our Mechnical Engineer app contains over 300 important mechanical engineering formulas, there are over 300 additional conversion formulas in the program as well as 70 area formulas. Major areas covered in the program now include: Actuators Bearings, Belts, Boiler, Brakes, Clutches, Elevators, Gears,Fluid Power, Heat Transfer,Internal Combustion, Kinetic Energy, Metalworking, Plates, Plumbs, Power Plants, Refrigeration,Shafts Springs and Vehicle Drive.

All formulas can be saved. You can access recent or favorite formulas. You can also e-mail the results of any formula. If you do not see a formula you need or like, just e-mail us and we will try to include your request in the next update.

Some of the Areas of the Program Are

Belt Formulas
Clutch Formulas
Gear Formulas
Fluid Power Formulas
Heat Formulas
Internal Combustion
Kinetic Formulas
Metalworking Formulas
Power Plants Formulas
Refrigeration Formulas
Vehicle Drive


Some of the Formulas:

Airchange- Air Change Rate Per Hour- in feet and meters Air Flow Rate
Airside - Sensible Heat Latent Heat Airside Total Heat ( metric and english)
Boiler Efficiency
BTU Conversions
Ductwork- Velocity, Velocity Pressure and Total Pressure
Round Ductwork
Energy Calcuations- Crude Oil, Motor Gasoline, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Lpg, Popane
Heating Design:
Electric Heating Unit
Electric Baseboard
Heat Tracing Cable
Hydronic Snow Melting
Gas Fired Radiant Ceiling
Electric Heating Design
Boiler Design Capacity
Boiler Area
Baseboard Heating Load
Steam Heating Capacity
Heating Requirment- Average and Good Insulation
Humidty- Specific Humidty, Relative Humidity, Sensible Heat Humidity, Latent Heat
Heat from Lights
Heat from Electric Equipment
Heat from Machines
Open Expansion Tanks
Pressure in a Mixture
Pump Laws: Break Horsepower, Ft of War, Pump Sunction Head
Pounds of Steam Per Hour
Condesnate Loads of lbs per hour- Water Fuel Oil, Gas
Temperture of Mixed Air
Waterside Sytems- Total Heat, Evaporator Water Flow, Condser Water Flow
Horespower Single Phase
Rectangle Area
Prism Volume
Area of Surface of Sphere
Volume of Sphere
Area of Cyllinder
Length of Cylinder
Volume of Cylinder
Capacity of Cylinder
Circumference of Circle
Radius of Circle
Area of Circle
Arc Length of Circle
Degrees of Arcs
Radius of Arc
Inches to Feet
Inches to Millimeters
Feet to Inches
Feet to Yards
Yards to Feet
Square Inches to Square Feet
Square Feet to Square Inches
Square Feet to Square Yards
Cubic Inches to Cubic Feet
Cubic Feet to Cubic Inches
Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards
Cubic Yards to Cubic Feet
Cubic Inches ot Gallons
Cubic Feet to Gallons
Gallons to Cubic Inches
Gallons to Cubic Feet
Gallons to Pounds of Water
Pounds of Water to Gallons
Ounces to Pounds
Pounds to Ounces
Inches of Water to Pounds
Inches of Water to Inches of Mercury
Inches of Water to Ounces per Square Inch
Inches of Water to Pounds per Square Inch
Ounces Per Square Inch to Pounds Per Square Inch
Pounds Per Square Inches of Water
Pounds Per Square to Inches of Mercury
Pounds Per Square Inches to Atmospheres
Feet of Water to Pounds Per Square Inch
Feet of Water to Inch of Mercury
Atmospheres to Pounds Per Square Inch
Atmospheres to Inches of Mercury
Atmospheres to Feet of Water


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