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PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL is part of the Formulator family. It combines the formulas of Plumbing Fomulator and adds an additional 19 charts taken from the International Plumbing Code. It also includes the texts, as well drawings, from the first six chapters of the code. This code has been adopted as part of almost every US state code. The program will be updated over the course of the year to include the full code, as well as State variants.

PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL also contains over 80 formulas that are useful for plumbers. The program has sections on Pumps, Piping, Water Flow HVAC. It calculates the weights of different pipes. The program also calculates the final temperature when two bodies of water are mixed. PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL has various formulas to calculate area and volumes of differing shapes. The program also includes dozens of conversions from everything from square feet to square inches to pounds square inches to feet of water.

Every result in PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL can be saved and e-mailed. You can also select from favorites and recent formulas.

This is the first version of PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL. In the coming months there will be updates that will include additional formulas. If there is a formulas that you would like that is not included just e-mail us and we will try to include it in the next update.

Some of the Formulas


*Pipe Velocity

*Velocity Head

*Water Horsepower

*Brake Horsepower –Pump

*Efficiency of Pump

*Brake Horsepower Motor


* Head Feet


*Length of Pipe

*Heat Loss

*Building Heat Loss

*Fresh Air in Room

*Water Chilling load

*Cooling Load in Ls/Tons

*Coefficient of Performance

*Water Required

*Final Temperature When Water is Mixed


*Area of Pipe Wall

*Weight of Cast Iron Pipe

*Weight of Steel Pipe

*Weight of Copper Pipe

*Expansion in Plastic Piping

*Hazen William Friction Loss

*Pressure of Pipe

*Piping Elbows

*Piping Gate Valves

*Pipe Length Change Due to Temperature

*Chase Width

*Chase Depth

*Total Fall

*45 Degree Offset

Water Flow

*Optimum Water Flow

*Volume of Water Flow

*Velocity of Water

*Pipes Total Dimension

*Supply Water Rate

Water Heaters

*BTU input

*Gallons Per Hour of Gas

*Domestic Daily Hot Water Usage

Inches to Feet
Inches to Millimeters
Feet to Inches
Feet to Yards
Yards to Feet
Square Inches to Square Feet
Square Feet to Square Inches
Square Feet to Square Yards
Cubic Inches to Cubic Feet
Cubic Feet to Cubic Inches
Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards
Cubic Yards to Cubic Feet
Cubic Inches ot Gallons
Cubic Feet to Gallons
Gallons to Cubic Inches
Gallons to Cubic Feet
Gallons to Pounds of Water
Pounds of Water to Gallons
Ounces to Pounds
Pounds to Ounces
Inches of Water to Pounds
Inches of Water to Inches of Mercury
Inches of Water to Ounces per Square Inch
Inches of Water to Pounds per Square Inch
Ounces Per Square Inch to Pounds Per Square Inch
Pounds Per Square Inches of Water
Pounds Per Square to Inches of Mercury
Pounds Per Square Inches to Atmospheres
Feet of Water to Pounds Per Square Inch
Feet of Water to Inch of Mercury
Atmospheres to Pounds Per Square Inch
Atmospheres to Inches of Mercury
Atmospheres to Feet of Water

PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL FORMULATOR provides an easy way to quickly find what you need. You can search, mark formulas as favorites, or access recently used formulas.

PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL FORMULATOR is the first version of a dynamic program, planned to develop and evolve. It was not our intent to include every possible plumbing formula in this program version. Additional formulas will be added over time.?If there is a formula you would like us to add, please contact us and we will do our best to add that formula.

If you have ideas for any additional formulas, or if you have any questions, just e-mail us

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