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Architect's Formulator

  • Archmain
  • Acoustic
  • Area
  • Beam
  • Concrete and Excavating
  • Concrete Design
  • Conversions
  • Design
  • Electrical
  • Lumber
  • Masonry
  • Material Weight
  • Metric Conversions
  • Plumbing
  • Roads
  • Room Capacity
  • Shear
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wood Design
  • Plates
Archmain1 Acoustic2 Area3 Beam4 Concrete and Excavating5 Concrete Design6 Conversions7 Design8 Electrical9 Lumber10 Masonry11 Material Weight12 Metric Conversions13 Plumbing14 Roads15 Room Capacity16 Shear17 Swimming Pool18 Wood Design19 Plates20

The ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for any architect. This program contains over 500 formulas helpful to the architect. ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR combines all of the formulas from our Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing Formulators. In addition, this product also includes Concrete and Excavations formulas, that perform calculations for excavating or filling soil, the concrete required for a job and the bricks required for a wall. It also includes special formulas just for architect for concrete and steel design, parking area and sidewalk design and even swimming pool design. The program includes basic formulas for wind load and wind overturning force.
The 300 formulas included in the program now specifically for architects are just the start of what we expect will grow to over 500 formulas in the coming years. The CARPENTRY section contains formulates that calculate the number of joists and studs required on a job. ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR aids users to calculate the load on headers or the cost of hardwood flooring. There are even formulas to calculate the loads on walls and loads on beams. Formulas in the ELECTRICAL section calculate kilowatts, horsepower, efficiency, power factor, watts, amps, current, power, resistance, and voltage. This section includes formulas to calculate total resistance, capacitance, voltage drops, and transformer calculations. The formulas in the PLUMBING section calculate areas of pipe walls and the weights of different pipes. ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR is able to calculate the final temperature when two bodies of water are mixed. There are also formulas in this section to calculate the expansion of pipes, radiant heat and heat loss cooling requirements, head loss and fresh air in room requirements.

Area Formulas
Concrete and Excavating
Metric Conversions
Material Weight
Road Formulas
Steel Formulas
Wood Formulas

The Carpentry Section Include
Load on Walls
Load on Headers
Board Foot Calculations
Sheet Rock

The Electrical Section Includes
Horse Power Calculations
Kilowatt Conversions
Power Factors
Capacitance and Resistance
Locked Rotor Current
Motor Calculations
Ohms Law
Voltage Drop
Wiring Size
Conduit Size
25 Electrical Charts

HVAC Formulas Include:
Air Change Rate
BTU Conversions
Energy BTU
Heating Design
Hot Water Design
Steam Systems
Heating Requirements
Temperature Load
Pump Laws
Waterside System
Plumbing Formulas Include
Equivelant Length
Pipe Chase Size
Water Flow

There are sections on Material Weight, Area Formulas and nearly 300 conversion formulas.


Some of the Additional Formulas
Beam Shear Load
Design Unit Shear Strees
One Way Slab Design
Parking Area Design
Sidewalk Design
Seating Capacity Area
Steel- Vertical Shear, Horizontal Shear, Bending Moment Load
Structures Total Safe Load
Wind Load Against Building
Maximum Wind Force
Swimming Pool Desgin ( 3)
Soil to Excavated or Filled
Concrete Needed
Cement Used. Aggregate Uses
Weight of Cement
Weight of Aggragate
Bircks Needed
Piping-Area of Pipe Wall
Weight of Pipe- Steel
Weight of Pipe- Copper
Mixing Two Temperatures
Expansion in Plastic Piping
Radiant Heat
Heat Loss
Water Requirements
Hazen Williams Frictions Loss
Fresh Air in Rooms
Cooling Load in Rooms
Coefficient of Performance
Amp in Direct Current
Amps/1 phase 120 Volt
3 Phase Amps/120 volts
Amps with DC Crrent
Amps for AC 1 Phase
Amps When KVA is Known- Amps- 1 Phase
Amps When KVA is Known-Amps 3 Phase
Kilowatts for DC
Kilowatts Single Phase
Kilowatts Three Phase
Horespower DC
Horespower Single Phase
Kilowatts Three Phase
Efficiency Single Phase
Power Factor Three Phase
Power-DC Circuits- Watts
Power-DC Circuits- Amps
Calculate for Resistance- 3 calcucation
Calculate for Voltage-2 calcuations
Total Resistance
Voltage Drop
Transformer Calcuations- Six
Maximuim Load on Transformers
Joints Required
Number of Studs Required
Load on Headers
Installing Hardwood Floors
Loads on Wars
One Story Building
Two Story Building
Load on Beams
Number of LInear Foot
Rectangle Area
Prism Volume
Area of Surface of Sphere
Volume of Sphere
Area of Cyllinder
Length of Cylinder
Volume of Cylinder
Capacity of Cylinder
Circumference of Circle
Radius of Circle
Area of Circle
Arc Length of Circle
Degrees of Arcs
Radius of Arc
Inches to Feet
Inches to Millimeters
Feet to Inches
Feet to Yards
Yards to Feet
Square Inches to Square Feet
Square Feet to Square Inches
Square Feet to Square Yards
Cubic Inches to Cubic Feet
Cubic Feet to Cubic Inches
Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards
Cubic Yards to Cubic Feet
Cubic Inches ot Gallons
Cubic Feet to Gallons
Gallons to Cubic Inches
Gallons to Cubic Feet
Gallons to Pounds of Water
Pounds of Water to Gallons
Ounces to Pounds
Pounds to Ounces
Inches of Water to Pounds
Inches of Water to Inches of Mercury
Inches of Water to Ounces per Square Inch
Inches of Water to Pounds per Square Inch
Ounces Per Square Inch to Pounds Per Square Inch
Pounds Per Square Inches of Water
Pounds Per Square to Inches of Mercury
Pounds Per Square Inches to Atmospheres
Feet of Water to Pounds Per Square Inch
Feet of Water to Inch of Mercury
Atmospheres to Pounds Per Square Inch
Atmospheres to Inches of Mercury
Atmospheres to Feet of Water

If you have ideas for any additional formulas, or if you have any questions, just e-mail us


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