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Great Books on American History, Terrorism, Jewish History and Israel

MultiEducator strives to find the most interesting books history and Social Studies on the topic was cover.


Multieducator Press is dedicated to making the finest books available worldwide– at an affordable price– to both authors and readers. We release all of our books in electronic form at an affordable price.



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The latest releases Multieducator Press

The Wadi Has Two Banks

My Life Story

By Riad Kabha

The Eroding Status- Quo

Power Struggles on the Temple Mount- Extremely timely!

The Jihadi Dictionay

The Essential Intel Tool for Military, Law Enforcement, Government and the Concerned Public

Funding Evil

How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop it

A History of American Presidential Elections

From 1789-2012 all the Presidential Elections .

Forbiden Strawberries

One girls harrowing tale of her experiences during the holocaust